Cliffside park fire department

For 37 years of dedicated service to the community of Cliffside Park & the driving force behind the annual Cliffside Park Christmas Tour.

Your legacy & dedication continues on through the members of the department with The William Killinger Christmas Tour.

Forever in our hearts.

Chief William "Billy Pie" Killinger

Firefighter Michael Chormanski - November 4, 1973
Firefighter Philip Ferraro - November 4, 1973
Firefighter Daniel King - November 26, 2000
Firefighter Cosmo "Dig It" Paris - January 8, 2014

We remember the following Ridgefield Firefighters who made the ultimate sacrifice while operating at the Cardinal Lanes Bowling Alley Fire in Cliffside Park on October 15. 1967.

Chief Gustave A. Genschow 
Firefighter Dominick Acquafredda
Firefighter Harry Brown
Firefighter James Edwards III
Firefighter James Lauria

Rest now my fallen brother
Lay soft your suffering back
Rest well and forever
Your memory shall not lack
Rest your tired hands
Wipe clean your weary brow
Rest with St. Florian
Your spirit now endowed
Rest here your breaking heart
We know you gave your all
Rest easy, you’ve done your part
You’ve answered your last call
Rest knowing that in god we sought
Oh lord, watch over another who just fell
Rest assured your troubled thought
As we ring the final bell.

We remember the following Cliffside Park Firefighters who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving the community of Cliffside Park.