Past Chief ***           Past Captain **        Past Lieutenant *


Fire Commissioner Dana Martinotti

Department Chief Gregory Yfantis

Deputy Chief Brian Martone

Battalion Chief Charles Diaz

Captain Teddy Tarabokija

Captain Gian Vargas

Captain Enes Hoti

Lieutenant Jonathan Stern

Lieutenant Daniel Baxter

Lieutenant Anthony Lupica Jr. 

Firefighter Frank Leone ***

Firefighter Frank Poerio ***

Firefighter James Giunchini ***

Firefighter Kenneth Delucca

Firefighter Peter Killinger **

Firefighter Eugene Nappi **

Firefighter Jason Chiafulio **

Firefighter Michael Presutti **

Firefighter David Martone ***

Firefighter Anthony Lupica ***

Firefighter Joseph Cinque

Firefighter Peter Giunchini

Firefighter Anthony Roefaro *

Firefighter Pamela Leone

Firefighter Steve Mantilla

Firefighter William Bringas

Firefighter Carmelo Demaio

Firefighter Tamer Abdallah **

Firefighter Christopher Delucca

Firefighter Thaier Abdallah *

Firefighter Jorge Rodriguez

Firefighter Bryan Antolos

Firefighter Zachary Tufaro

Firefighter Oswald Aragon

Firefighter Robyn Issa

Firefighter John Baughman

Firefighter Calogero Lupica

Firefighter Arik Lekic

Firefighter Ahmed Omar

Firefighter Amir Qandeel

Firefighter Anthony Arboleda

Firefighter Christian DeEsposito 

Firefighter Alex Amaya

Firefighter Jonathan Petermann

Firefighter Shaoyu Yuan

Firefighter Eugene Vitale

Firefighter Joseph Gagliardi

Firefighter Michael Faris

Firefighter Joseph Delvecchio 

Firefighter Gerard Delvecchio

Firefighter Miguel Figueroa

Firefighter Luigi Mancini

Firefighter Justin Martone

Firefighter Alaa Qandeel

Cliffside park fire department

List of Members of the CPFD